Tuesday, April 04, 2006

eat less

If you eat protein for lunch, you'll eat less at dinner. A study at Yale found that women who ate a high-protein lunch consumed 31 percent fewer calories at dinner compared to those who ate a high-carbohydrate lunch. Researchers speculate that the extra protein triggers an increase in cholecystokinin, a hormone that curbs appetite, and also raises your levels of glucagon, another hormone that decreases the desire for food.

Since I already have that weight gain to face up to at the weigh-in tonight, I am going to eat breakfast and lunch. What's the sense in even exercising at the weight room? I waited until the last 45 minutes before the bus came and decided to stop in for a minute or so. I know I like moving to the music, why didn't I go there this morning? Now I only have a little over a half of an hour to work out. I love how it makes me feel after I leave that room. My step counter only registered a count of a mere 2,900 steps. My voluntary work today encountered a lot of sitting. My tally count for good habits was only five. That's okay with me at least I am far away from the zeros I use to get for doing nothing at all towards a more healthier life style. Every little bit of effort is an improvement.

One more thing I must get off of my chest. I am truly disgusted with the internet services and computers. They reveal many mistakes and don't take commands to my satisfaction. At the center in the computer room I decided to enter in my blog for today. When I clicked on compose, yesterday's entry came up in the suppose empty box. It read are you sure you you want to leave unsaved changes? It was already posted yesterday and even had a comment. I could not post a new entry. I tried for over an hour. I always thought it was my computer, provider, or my server that wasn't meeting my needs. My site meter has been wacko for over two months. One more rant, I had a long poem from Donna said posted 2/25 and blah blah blah and I noticed the other day it was gone, on that also was a comment from somebody who really liked how I worded it. How do things just disappear off of the screen when I'm not on it or around?

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