Sunday, April 09, 2006


You know you shouldn't have too much caffeine, since it can cause anxiety and insomnia. What you probably didn't know: Some foods pack a caffeine wallop nearly the size of your morning java jolt (a cup of coffee has about 80 mg. of caffeine). Food manufacturers aren't required to list the amount of caffeine in a product, so many people are in the dark. There are no government guidelines on how much we can safely consume, but the American Dietetic Association says 200 to 300 mg. a day is okay for most adults. (In Canada, the recommendation is a maximum of 85 mg. for kids.) Surprising sources of the stimulant: SODA A can of cola has about 40mg., while Mountain Dew has 55.5, Sunkist orange soda has 41 mg., and A&W cream soda has 29 mg.. YOGURT Dannon coffee yogurt has 36mg.. ICE TEA A bottle of Snapple MintTea contains 42 mg., Lipton Iced Tea has about 30 mg. per bottle. WATER A bottle of glaceau vitaminwater Energy has 42 mg.. RD

I love coffee, Dr. Pepper, and chocolate but I try to keep them off of my shopping list. Not only do I like the tastes but I can always use the energy. At one time in my life I was addicted to caffeine. It was like a drug and when addicted to caffeine you go through withdrawal symptoms. Anytime I give in and have just a little, the cravings strongly come back, headaches, and worst of all the sleepiness is compelling and my energy level is stuck on lethargic. I am a little reluctant to try more than one serving. I get the same kind of scared feeling when my old nicotine craving crosses my mind or I get the urge to have one drink of alcohol. If only my food addiction could also be curbed. Life surely is a constant vigil.

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Chana said...

As so it happens i date Cuppojoe, you might have heard of him, caffenaited mind? I have often worried of the extent he 'loves' caffeine. The taste is his one and only obseccion and he is not about to let go of it....I could send him this post (btw, nicely done) but it will do no good....As for my thoughts, i think moderation is the key...He chuckles at this, silly me ;)