Wednesday, April 05, 2006

burn fat

Eating eggs regularly may help speed fat burn, according to Donald K. Layman, Ph.D, of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. The key: lecucine, a metabolism-regulating amino acid that helped study participants who had eggs or other leucine-rich foods (such as low-fat dairy and lean meats) for breakfast lose more fat and less fat-burning lean muscle than those who ate a carb-rich A.M. meal.

We will not be talking much about the weigh-in last night. I'm on my way to the weight room. I will say I gained 12 pounds in one week. They kept saying that can't be right, get weighed again! I made a lot of mistakes last week and this does not surprise me, although, I didn't take my water pills every day. I tried to wet an envelope with my index finger and couldn't come up with one drop of saliva over and over again. The water pills are depleting my saliva to the point where I need water when I want to swallow food. HOLD ON TO YOUR HOPE AND NOTHING WILL DEFEAT YOU.

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Chana said...

I love eggs big time. Any way cooked and at any time...they never helped me loose fat...could it be how often i eat them, how they are cooked and with what i eat them? lol :)

I'm sorry you are suffering from those numbers. Darn numbers. I hope you will be ok. Have i mentioned i don't like numbers, since i was a kid-math was not my thing...ok, i am just trying to digress to get you to smile. Did it work? i'm not witty i know. Maybe if i send you hugs:get ready, i'm squeezing hard :) okay i'll stop bugging you. Hopefully by now you are a bit confused or frustrated with all this rambling and you are not thinking of that other thing...

BTW, i hope you don't mind, i'm not going anywhere unless told to. I have come very fond of you. You will be around for a long time i hope, none of that silly talk but if the Lord has other plans then i know there be one more angel looking down on us.