Saturday, April 15, 2006

growling stomach

There are a few things that make my stomach growl. Lactose intolerance is the main culprit that growls in stereo. Irregularity blabs it to the world with moans and groans. Fizzy sodas and gas producing foods all have a noise or two to sound off. I saved the best for last. I don't hear it often but it is a welcome noise, I am not ashamed, when it yells feed me. That means I certainly did not overeat that day. It's like hearing the caching on a Vegas pay off bandit. I know I will be reaping a reward the next day on the scale. Maybe now I will have another loss this next weigh-in and chalk it up to two in a row. There is a drawback to the surprising growl while in bed tonight. I was too preoccupied since yesterday to sleep or eat. I don't mind if I forget or don't have the will to eat but I don't like being unable to fall asleep. Why I'm the one who has a bad case of "Hyper- somina Sleep Apnea." I guess there is somethng wrong going on in my life these last couple of days. The last time I couldn't sleep at night was six years ago. I don't even care to think about a nice Easter dinner at this particular time. My salavating glands are on vacation. Well I shouldn't inflict upon the public my drab feelings of being numb all over.

This older guy was out to impress his date by taking her to an up scaled restaurant. He did not see people waiting on benches in the lobby and assumed he had it made and they would be eating shortly. The attendant greeted them and asked him if he had reservations. He answered, in reply by saying we have no reservations, we'll eat what ever you have.

Wishing you all a Blessed and Happy Easter just incase I don't make a post tomorrow!!!

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