Thursday, April 13, 2006


Last week was a 12# gain, this week was a 10.75# loss. I'm back on my water pills again without taking the supposed Potassium prescription along with it. After a whole week the doctor has not called in the scrip yet. So it was a water loss and I am still 1 3/4 up but, it makes me feel more confident to try harder and hold on to my four month old resolution. Now when I see no cheese danish in the coffee room instead of feeling disappointed I feel relieved. I'm sure when someone is having Easter dinner in the family we will be having ham, which I like very much, but packs on the water retention. This "chocolaholic" will be bombarded with the good tasting bad stuff everywhere I go this weekend. I only hope that I take small portions at each opportunity to indulge in decadency! (No lectures please, I'm not as strong as you are.) I did do 55 minutes in the weight room yesterday. My house is almost emptied of the enormous amount of simple carbohydrates. I want to be obedient, didn't you say Lord "deny the flesh." Give me the strength!

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Chana said...

I'm quite happy for you, congrats. I hope you can resist, if that is your wish, all the treats that come with these days. I do hope, however, that you enjoy Easter dinner, without guilt.
I hope you are well. Take care. Happy Easter Season to you and your family.