Tuesday, April 18, 2006

speed eating

One of the reasons for speed eating is subsisting on a restricted calorie diet, coffee only for breakfast, and a vegetable-only salad for lunch. That much control may make you feel virtuous. The truth is you're not getting enough nutrients to make it through the day. By evening you've hit a wall. "You're starving!" Never allow yourself to go hungry. It has a rebound effect. The result is "speed eating" at dinnertime. That little setback can leave you feeling defeated and depressed. Maybe even given- in- more, and continue the frenzy saying I messed up today what's the difference, I'll get back on track tomorrow. But the cycle repeats itself again the next day. I messed up yesterday, I better eat less today. Hello, does that sound familiar? How about this one, "I was good all day, so I deserve to eat as much as I want for dinner."

P.S. I am careful not to confuse excellence with perfection. Excellence, I can reach for; Perfection is God's business.

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Chana said...

do you know you write beautifully? how do you write about weight and food and perseverence and hold my attention and make me look forward to the next post? you are a very smart girl and a most wonderful at that...i hope you are well...Hugs