Monday, April 10, 2006


Who can I blame now for my fat cells? Let me count the reasons for me being off of the normal weight chart: it's in my DNA geans obesity runs in my family, I'm big boned, my mother over fed me, I have a slow metabolism, diets just don't work for me, I'm boarderline Diabetic and have to eat every three hours, I'm insulin resistant and have a hard time with white carbs they don't burn they get stored, everyone keeps pushing food on me and taking me out to eat, I'm older now and I am getting the middle age spread much later, all of the pains in my body keeps me from moving around so I am sedentary, and I don't have time to take care of myself. Snap out of it! Tell it like it is. You eat the wrong kinds of food, portions are out of control, eat too often, move around too little, when exercising you do the bare minimum, you don't know how to say no, you think it's too late to change, and the amount that needs to be taken off will take forever and your time is getting shorter. Now that all sounds a little more believable!

Bright colors, such as red, yellow and orange, may make people hungry, according to current research. Experts recommend that people decorate their kitchens and dinning rooms in muted tones, such as blue and light brown. by Johns Hopkins Health , Weight and Stress Clinic.


Dr.John said...

I spent most of my life fighting the battle with fat. I never won. I went up and down but for the most part stayed fat. I too had excuses and they sounded a lot like your first list. I wish you better luck in your battle.

Chana said...

Red, yellow and orange are beautiful colors...A certain shade of red/orange is actually my fav-Now i know what is at 'fault':) .

Dr. John is a great guy. He is a pastor and is a great story teller. Now you hit the big times if he's reading your blog and leaving you messages. Good! I'm glad! Each one of us can do with more love...Hugs.