Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Today my mind is in a sluggish frame. I don't feel like talking about dieting or working it. Lately I've been nipping at the extra large flavored-coffee cup, cola, and the ever tempting chocolate. A little here and a little there and all of a sudden, headaches. Don't tell me I'm hooked on caffeine again. All I wanted from the stimulant was a little nudge. I got it alright, but then along came the urge followed by the crave and withdrawal. Will I ever learn that any addiction that is overcome has to be followed by continual maintenance. Oh yes, I've had a few that have controlled my life and put me in the wrong direction. I was greedy when it came to smoking, drinking, gambling, pain pills, diet pills, caffeine, even sex, dancing, food especially sugars, and now computers. I could never get enough of anything. Let's see, is that obsessive, compulsive, or addictive? Who cares? I guess I'll always be a "foodie" but at least all are gone even though a few have surfaced. I am an overcomer, I do work a 12 step program when I feel necessary, I strive for a no-fail environment, I get support and continue to be informed concerning the overweight, and soon as the flavored coffees are gone from my house the road to being clean will be traveled once again. I wish myself good luck and to anyone else who struggles with letting go of things that could hurt them. See ya!


jan said...

You have a really great attitude toward life. I enjoy coming here.

Maybe those of us who are obsessive compulsive about things are just over enthusiastic. When I get involved in a project, it sort of takes over a large part of my life.

Chana said...

i wish you good luck as well...you will be fine, you will see. hugs.

Jilly said...

Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog. I am also a coffee addict, been anorexic and more than likely, because of my current situation, am addicted to many meds. We can only do our best in life and I am sure that you are.

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