Tuesday, June 27, 2006

mini poll

Time for some more changes that includes with this site and
with myself. Sorry for any inconveniences but I now have a
random poll going on, scroll down if you care to participate.
So far there will be three questions pending. Feel free to give
your opinion so that I can determine what you want to hear
about the most. The poll had to be put in the present location
because the service code was too wide for presentation in the
sidebar. Thanks.

Now about changing myself. What a constant project this has
turned out to be. I've had enough with the overweight issues.
I want to live long enough to tie up loose ends and make peace.
I also want my last days or years, which ever it be, to be as
painless with my body as possible, therefore there is some more
weight to be lost.

A quick review with my last mistake in my quest for a healthier
life style commitment. I gave in this week to only one temptation
of a pizza splurge. Okay, consequences, I now am tittering between
a four and five pound gain for this month. Nip it in the bud and don't
allow that gain to follow you into the next month, lady! Your choices
are simple either eat less for the remaining of the week or increase
the normal activity to a burn! I rest my case.

1 comment:

Chana said...

hello. thank you for your kind words. you are very right, i'm very tired. my mind is not sharp right now. i am forgetting everything and feeling a bit overwhelmed...i have so much on the go right now and not enough of anything..everything is coming short of how i want it...

i am trying to get it all done...i'll come back to read your post tonight when i am back.

thank you for caring. i needed your love today and it came through. it will give me the energy and awakeness i need to do my day. I love You too very much. Thank you for helping me out. I think i'm just nervous and excited and very stressed...just a mixture of emotions i guess....i'll close my eyes and receive your hugs and that will help.