Tuesday, June 20, 2006

o-calorie cake

Yes as the saying goes, I would like to have my cake and eat it too.
I don't mean literally. I would rather it taste like I'm eating cake
but not really eat the laden empty calories (although I have at times.)
There is a food flavored spray that comes in about 30 different
flavors. It's called "David Burke's flavor sprays" each 2 ounce
bottle cost $5.95. Every bottle is 0-calorie, nonfat, and cholesterol
free. Try a Birthday Cake flavor spritz lightly sweetened on a bland
rice cake. Use the bacon version on a hard-boiled egg. Although the
Ranch flavor has a pungent ordor. Some of the other flavors are:
Memphis BBQ, Parmeasan Cheese, and Marshmallow.

Hurrah, I finally made a post under these stressful conditions with
the margins off and I didn't pull out one strand of what is left to my


Chana said...

eat cake and no calories...yummm. what a life that would be...hugs.

Maria's Photos said...

I not only share your zodiac sign, but I also share your diet dilemmas. I feel like I'm eating healthy finally, but not losing. I think I have to increase my activity?

diet dilemma magmem stlye said...

Hi well noted "ram friend," I had to go anonymous, I typed a long response and it didn't take. Usually when the handi-capped logo is visable it does not recognize my blog name. Your site is awesome and enlightening. Good for you eating healthy. At least you are aware that it is the increased activity that will counter-balance you intake and output. With all of the painting and photographing and the business you operate, I don't see how you even have time to eat. That may be your problem. Be sure to eat your three meals a day. Not possible, have carry along non-perishable food or meal replacement bars or a quick healthy pick-me-up snack. Do you take multivitamins with minerals? Listen to me talking, I'm still on my journey and take many steps backwards, but I am not giving up this time. Aaah, consistency, another key factor! Good luck. Bless you.