Sunday, June 25, 2006

kick myself

Before I start ranting, for those who aren't return visitors, stopping by
for some diet tip; I don't want you to leave without getting something
from this site that may help you in any way. Here's good news for the
pasta lovers. The water in cooked noodles helps to fill you up without
adding calories. That's music to this Italian's ears! I'll go for adding
volume not calories.

I could kick myself for many reasons. I'll save the best for last, like I
do with my food on my plate. That is definitely not a good choice to
make while dining. If you were satiated with a satisfying mouth
watering food there would be no need to finish the rest on your plate
as a filler or like a human garbage disposal.

Another reason is I always have regrets when I splurge money on
something I didn't need and it was needed for something else.
That is an obsession with me. I like it when the green is lean and
in the bank instead of my hands.

Harder kick here. I managed to overcome a whole day of temptation
to eat pizza (even though I knew there was none in sight.) That
reason never stops an obsessive person. Where there is a will there
is a way. I searched the house for pizza delivery coupons. I also
visited the trash recipical in the house. I found many coupons
but I didn't hit the jackpot. They looked like they went through
a paper shredder. Yes, I have a tendency to attack things that
could hurt me. By evening the thought was demanding me to
go on another search. I ventured, now don't say yuck, to the
outside blue recycle can of newspapers. More torn-up pieces
of pizza coupons were all taunting at me. I came in to my best
friend, the computer, which had a calming affect on me. Hey, I'm
back "the pizza cram man." What's wrong with me? Hello could
you honestly be hungry for some more fuel for the night? Oh my
I forgot to eat supper. Vegetable soup will do, boing, craving not
a problem anymore.

Getting soar. One more kick for the road and this time I need to
use both feet. Why is it what we think we want is really not the
best for us or even not what we really wanted? Yesterday the
craving monster reared its head again for the second day. This
time I had all day to do a scavenger hunt. I found a coupon tucked
away in an envelope on the dryer? Who put that there in such an
unsuspecting place? Was it my nemesis? No, I like to believe it
was the assailant of good health and guess who went along for
the ride. Okay, here's why I'm carrying extra baggage. I ordered
a large pizza with pepperoni and sausage, chicken strips, blueberry
pie-like dessert, and a two liter of cola, ( which I have a tendency
to get addicted to caffeine.)

Okay, one more kick for the road. Last call, one for the road, just
one bite, no sense in wasting it, and on and on. I have all kinds of
reasons to stay in an unhealthy environment. Now here's my
consequences or punishment, how ever you look at it. Yes, I ate
half of it and will eat the other half today. But the pay back is ---
I didn't like any of the food one bit. It just didn't taste as good
as I thought I remembered. I did like the cola!

I don't believe thinner people eat, foods they don't like the taste of.
After three bites I was sure this food is not what I wanted. That
happens to me most of the time I eat. No wonder it takes a lot to
satisfy my taste buds. If only I could pass on all of the foods that
fill the gap but not the desire. All this sedentary activity has made
me hungry. It's lunch time and I haven't had breakfast yet. Chow!

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Mandy said...

My craving monster rears its ugly head once too often for my liking. I'm weak when it comes to food, and the sweeter the better. It's overpowered me on more then one occasion, probably more than once a day even lol.

I tried to blame it on stopping smoking but that's wearing a bit thn after 4 years.

I get it now, I just need more exercise I guess :=)

Thnx for visiting my blog today