Monday, June 05, 2006

diet minded

Worry, struggle, control, denial, and pushing myself are all feelings I have to deal with everyday if I want to stay diet minded. Speaking of the mind that's where it is all at. I have to remind myself everyday to fall back on a good attitude. What does it matter to have goals and strive to reach them to turn around again and require more goals of yourself over and over to keep up with the world and the so called Trump quest to be the best or the model's runway of narrow frames? Stop and smell the roses. There is the here and now that passes away in the blink of an eye. First count your blessings, love yourself, tell someone you love them (we all need to hear that,) accept imperfections, forgive (it frees your soul,) focus on the good in everything and everybody (it keeps disappointments at bay,) and one more (because I can go on and on,) all humans deal with the issues of life like hurt, misunderstanding, making mistakes, being judgmental, and believing we have to be better than we are.

It's not the things that we's the things that we don't do!

Promise what (the good) you can deliver and deliver more than you promised.

There is no path worth wile
Upon the face of earth
Unless man knows sweet peace
And life's true inner worth.
For strength will come each mile
When weary steps grow faint
And faith in God increase
With wisdom of a saint.
by Loreta Inman


Chana said...

what a nice post! so positive and full of it, thank you...great poem...:) hugs.

Chana said...

hello, thank you for the wonderful comment you left me again..i'm getting use to them you know and it's such a great feeling...

i'm sorry if i gave you a scare, pls don't fret over me as i'm never going to go anywhere. i should have told you that i rarely blog in the wknds (long or regular) but i get back to it with anticipation of what everyone has been writting and try my hardest to read whatever i have that's why today you had 3 messages i think of the posts i missed...

i tell you that i care for you very much and that is unconditional...if i am absent it might be because i'm busy..sometimes the kids get sick or i get sick or there is just a ton of stuff to do..but IT Will Never be because you have lost me or i have forgotten you...

sweet dreams..