Wednesday, June 28, 2006


FACT: Women who favored protein sources such a red meat
and dairy products over carbohydrate foods increased their
odds of dying from cardiovascular disease by a whopping 40%.

JOKE: It's not easy being on a diet, and a trip to the grocery
store, I saw a car whose owner had come to terms with his
body. His bumper sticker gloated "Fat People Are Harder
to Kidnap."

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: "Better to do something imperfectly
than to do nothing flawlessly"


Chana said...

how wonderful of you to give me some extra love. thank you. you can comment a hundred times if you want, they are a pleasure always.

love the joke...hillarious! and the thougth for the day is absolutely right. i so agree with it, it's true.

have a wonderful day. remember i care very much and love you lots. hugs and kisses from this end too. God Bless.

Anonymous said...


Actually, that is not a fact, it's a myth.

I strongly recommend THE FAT FALLACY by Dr. Will Clower. It is a book with the potential to change your life.

I recommend to everyone, all the time.

Full-fat dairy products DO NOT cause heart disease. It is a fallacy.

diet dilemma magmem stlye said...

Hi Anonymous, Thank you for your visit and considerate comment. I welcome and revel in new additional findings. Such is true of dairy, eggs, coffee, etc.. All things in moderation, even good things for you are a risk if the amount exceeds the need. I will make a post on milk and PMS (stick to low-or-nonfat dairy.) I appreciate being informed, I would not want to mislead anyone in my journey to wellness. Thanks once more, I hope you visit again. Input is necessary for improvement.