Sunday, June 11, 2006

eating out

My three day function has thrown a monkey wrench into my wellness quest. Eating out at restaurants for six times is too much of a good thing. I only had three no-no items. I actually, felt a little rebellious. No one likes to feel pressured or scrutinized. I was amongst people who were to support your efforts, not judge them with an attitude. There were hundreds of like minded participants and only two people who had a tendency to be silently opposed but well heard! Bad vibes and the feeling of rejection can even ruin a good wedding. Like water off of a ducks back I did enjoy myself those thirty six hours. I have a four pound gain. I have been sticking to my diet-promise to my self to change some kind of bad habit, use some kind of good habit that will result in a healthier eating style everyday. This will be day 17.

Here are some of the efforts I put forth, in living color, because when I finish my journey I will have crossed over to the other side of the rainbow and reached the pot of gold representing healthy living for longevity:
1. Skipped Starbucks coffee and muffin for breakfast.

2. Used pedometer (4,245) (5,242) (5,878).

3. Left some food on my plate.

4. Six salads instead of fries.

5. Skipped the bread basket two times.

6. Drank water at four meals.

7. No in between or evening snacks.

8. Nothing to eat past 5:00 pm.

9. Ordered cheesecake for desert, ate one bite and shared the rest. (actually only one other person ate one bite and the rest was wasted)

10. Attended 5 motivational speaking sessions and took notes.

11. Took vitamin supplements and drank plenty of water.

12. All day activities for three days (first day 5 hrs., two dancing) (second day long 14 hrs) (third day long 17 hrs)

Regardless of the gain things are changing.


Chana said...

well i'm glad to hear that your 'function' was a happy time and that you can keep on moving on forward..hugs to you..i hope you can rest too.

Newbirth said...

Nice site you have here. I also gained weight from both eating out and becoming too lax with Maintenance. I'm still trying to get off the 6 pounds I gained.