Wednesday, June 21, 2006

diet havoc

Regardless of our diet efforts there are diet destroyers that
lurk in the air and sometimes invade our bodies:
Hoping that you'll reach your healthy-eating goals by luck alone
can easily lead to extra calories and unwanted pounds. Be prepared
and make it happen! Watch out for this destructor at work; special
occasions, holiday celebrations, vacations, the gym, and when you
Giving in to your inner 2-year- olds whims may feel good as you
savor that second helping of cake, but you'll pay for it later when
you get on the scale. Watch out for this destructor at parties, special
occasions and holiday celebrations.
Going along with your girlfriends' yen for Nachos Grande and a
pitcher of margaritas may seen like the sociable thing to do, but
it's a smart choice if you're to maintain a healthy weight.
Being tired means you're more likely to grab whatever foods are
easily available, and often that translates to the high-calorie fare
your body craves to boost energy. Watch out for this destructor
at happy hour, the gym, and when you travel.
The urge to gorge on everything that looks tasty has been passed
down to us from our prehistoric ancestors , who suffered from
prehistoric scarcities is downright dangerous. Watch out for
this destructor at parties, special occasions, holiday celebrations,
and on vacations.
Ever feel like you're hopelessly trapped in a meeting on a plane or
even at a social gathering? Boredom and desperation can lead
you to give up on your diet and eat whatever's in reach as you
search for relief. Watch out for this destructor at work, happy hour,
vacations, and when you travel.

Those are a few but don't forget about some other powerful wreckers
which are; guilt, impatience, feeling starved, plateaus, trigger foods,
stress, not enough sleep, and the dreaded scale obsession. You just
can't win for losing. The outside world bombards us with an
abundance of opportunities and enticements to eat, drink, and be
merry. (Portion control, moderate behavior, wise choices, increased
activity, being informed, support systems, and a sense of self worth;
hallelujah, there is still hope!) Without hope we have nothing.

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Chana said...

outside world is very naughty...yuk...but yes hope it's everything...hugs.