Saturday, June 10, 2006

healthy bones

* Do regular weight-bearing exercise. Walking, jogging, aerobics and weight training strengthen bones.

* Do not forget vitamin D, plus calcium. Daily doses of these nutrients, found in food, fortified drinks such as milk and orange juice, or supplements, are vital for bone health.

* Don't delay. Keep active and get enough calcium and vitamin D early in life. Most bone is formed during childhood and adolescence, and many people start losing bone mass in their 30s.

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Chana said...

oh i love a good glass of orange juice with pulp i may add...and i also love a cold glass of milk whith just about here in north american. when i was small in Nicaragua they would want me to drink and i would fight it as i would say i could still smell the cow..yuck!! i hated it..made me gag..and so many around me would love it..the fresher the better..straight from the cow ..yuck.. i loved getting to Miami and learning to love milk there...just sharing, i hope this silly story made you smile...I hope you are not too tired. My hugs to you.