Sunday, June 04, 2006

dieter's plateau

I'll settle for a plateau rather than a gain. Planning a course leads to a destination. If you find you are going in circles and nothing is changing for you regardless of your efforts to drop some more pounds, try to change your course. Five favorite helpful tips are: increase exercise to raise your basal metabolic rate, diversify your workout, doing both strength and endurance workouts, alter your diet by eating six mini meals throughout the day rather than three large meals to curb cravings and consume the majority of your calories early in the day, line up support to keep your motivation strong and stay true to your plan by pairing up with a friend or in a group of like minded contenders or with an exercise trainer, revise your gaols and don't let the scale be the only measure of your success and if you have focused on one or two techniques only it is time to broaden your approach and adopt new strategies.

Talking about strategies you name it and I've tried it. The only reason I am still talking about I want to lose weight and keep it off is because I never stuck with any one program or attempt long enough to see the benefits of discipline and commitment. That makes me wonder just how important it really was to me or was I trying it to please others? I don't think it is necessary to name all of the type of diets or aids that we all already know of but I even tried weekly shots, body wraps, some kind of sauna box where my head was the only thing showing, and the so called tried and true hypnotist. Now that was a nightmare in its self, sometime I'll have to tell you of my delusions in that tiny empty room........

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Chana said...

hypnotist i couldn't ever do..i be too chicken and way too unable to let go and put myself in that vulnerable good for you for being so trusting, :)