Monday, June 19, 2006

food hangover

I haven't felt that stuffed in a long time and it isn't
anything I want to do again soon. No sense in
reviewing my mistakes. I did keep in mind to
not let the whole day be a mishap. I stayed
away from drinking soda pop, I walked a few
stairs, I had a sliver of cheesecake, ate both
meals very early in the day, and skippped
dinner because of the abundant calories I had
eaten earlier. I had a one pound gain but that
can be worked off within the rest of the week.

I really don't feel like talking about anything right now. I am
so fed up with this computer, I could spit nails! The margin is
off and I have to watch the screen and almost count every
letter to judge, it may be the end of a line. Then I have to
enter to start a new line otherwise it stretches out to the
end of the computer screen and I lose my sidebar next to
the entry on my blog. Don't be suprised to see more of
testing 123, which I was doing for hours today. This may
even only be a draft for now, until I cool off.


Chana said...

computers are a pain. they are able to drive us nuts and never even say i'm sorry...hope things get better...sorry i can't help with the techie stuff...hugs.

Helen said...

It seems to me that the computer is testing you in some way. Tolerance, patience? Hm.............
All the same, it's got to be annoying as all get-go! I hope you are able to resolve it soon.