Saturday, June 24, 2006

diet & alcohol

Besides the fact that it is more satiating to eat your calories
rather than drink them, they are also mostly sugars, and
definitely empty calories. A study at the University at
Buffalo revealed that infrequent drinkers who splurged on
four or more drinks in one sitting have more belly fat than
those who consume only one a day. It seems that high quantities
of alcohol switch the body to fat-storing mode, particularly in the
abdomen. Fortunately, you can enjoy more than one drink-guilt-
free-by sticking to wine or spritzers. The same study found that
hard-alcohol drinkers had the highest risk of developing belly
bulge, whereas wine drinkers had the lowest.

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Chana said...

never been able to drink really...first i was a child, then i was married but pregnant fairly soon and again and again and in between breast then on meds that won't allowed far, i'm in no danger of being an

have a super, duper hugs.