Saturday, September 24, 2005


I have got to keep my guard up. That's the way to hold on to my positive attitude. Everyday remember to S. T. A. R. T. the day my own way. It takes a long time to lose but a short time to gain. A moment in my mouth is a lifetime on my hips. The labor of my desire will encompass much time, participation, dedication, and the giving up of instant gratification with food. The whole program may cause me some minute pain physically (exercise) and mentally when I hear my stomach growl late at night.
S.- seize the moment the thought hits you when looking into the mirror.
T.- tame your doubts about defeat.
A.- announce your plan, write it down, journalize, encourage support.
R.- receive it by faith with consistancy.
T.- take the next step and follow through. (you can do it)

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