Saturday, September 16, 2006

waiting for new computer

Sorry for not being able to post since the 9th of September. I had 38 viruses, my server expired, and I need a new computer because the hard drive is knocking and making noises it's going to crash. Nothing is backed up because I don't know how to do it. Hoping another computer comes my way. I feel lost without the computer. I am at a friends house right now. I will be back, maybe even with a loss.

Back to my support group the last two weeks, 2.25# loss, 2.oo# loss. I went back to Curves (with a ride.) I have kept a food journal for the last three weeks. I'm reading three new diet books. I still strive for a no-fail environment and keep the sweets out of my house. I eat my three meals a day and take my vitamins and minerals. I try for three dairy a day. I meditate to relieve my stress (helps fight cortisol, belly fat.) I have a buddy system, one on one, and make my calls when I feel week in my resolution to keep the good behavior modification habits constant. I don't deny myself, I just try to keep it a smaller portion than I am use to. I have increased my vegetable and fruit selections and decreased my red meat. I also always have at least 8 glasses of water or more. I have three wipe-off check lists that I use, all related to better eating and activity assessments. I like visual encouragements. Monthly I have measurements. I am cutting down on my obsession with the scale because I have discovered that when I have a nice little loss way before weigh-in I feel I can cheat and eat more because I still have enough of time to work it off. Since this is not my computer, I have to leave now with a heart full of reservations. Take care, loose the weight you want to, hello to my favorite people (you know who you are), and may God Bless your life! [love, xo hugs and kisses]


iportion said...

Did you get the email I sent?
Hope you get your new comp.
My comp was dying as well. My new one needs another part but it's cute and it doesn't crash like the other one.

Chana said...

hope you are well. sorry to hear about your computer. i hope you can get one soon. until then, don't worry, i'm with you and you are with me..all is well with me..just busy right now..don't will all work out..hugs and love.

Chana said...

just in case you get to check in, i wanted to remind you i'm always with you in spirit. i am always loving you. hugs.

jan said...

I hope everything is ok. I'm just concerned about you and miss what you have to say.

Chana said...

i missss you sooo much..i hope dearly that you are well...pls know you are cared for and loved..

Anonymous said...

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Good luck!

Chana said...

i hope you somehow read this..i miss you and hope you are well and at peace.

Happy Thanskgiving my friend. Much love.

Anonymous said...

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