Friday, September 08, 2006

old ways

After almost four months, I was able to return to my support group. Knowing I was going to face the music, I reverted back to my old tricks the day before the weigh-in. I had nothing to eat until after the meeting around 8:00 pm. Therefore the 2.25 pound loss was really a sham. I did so well the previous four months just forgetting about answering to anybody and allowing myself to use my new found healthy habits in eating and staying away from the misleading scale. I managed to get through three birthdays, two weddings, a bridal shower, a baby shower, two vacations, two pot lucks, three bar-b-cues, four buffets, two holiday celebrations, and some no-no's now and then, without a gain in weight from my last weigh-in! I also wasn't exercising at that time.

Back to my old ways. This week I am on and off of the scale all of the time and eating most of my food for the week in the beginning and starving towards the weigh-in time at the end of the seven days. I see food as I can have and I can't have and I am not liking the feeling of answering to anybody, even the scale. How did I ever get through so much so easily when I didn't restrict myself?

Because I wasted all of that time and did not continue my usual moderate exercising routine, I have lost a lot muscle strength. This week I did try to do two 30 minute workouts, it was not easy. Today I broke my long standing rule of a no-fail-environment and brought Little Debbie into my home. All six of her individual cakes jumped down my throat! To tell the truth, the very first bite was not good and the more I ate the more I didn't care for it. I couldn't even stand the aftertaste of sugar that felt like an overcoat on my tongue, yuck! I had to search for something salty to get the sugar coating off of my tongue. It use to be when I had something in my house that was empty calories, I would eat my one or two portions and toss the rest, and waste the money. I don't know how many half a gallon ice cream containers I did that to in the past.

A new day tomorrow, a new beginning, a new commitment, and a new buddy one-on-one pal to call on in time of need. This time it is all written down on laminated paper with no room for excuses. I like checking things off, it helps me see results for that day. A different approach always sends a positive surge of energy towards my motivation. For me it's, keep it simple and do it for life, forget the strict diet programs. I like to be in control, not be controlled! Have a lite-day.


iportion said...

I posted this about quick meals on my site for you in comments but wanted to make sure you got it.

If you want something fast quick oatmeal cooks up real fast. While not as fast as instant it’s cheaper, filling and you can even bake with it. You need a large microwave bowl because it expands. You can flavor with a ½ a tbs of peanut butter and then add sugar substitute. It tastes like a peanut butter cookie or how about tabs of coco or 1/8th teaspoon of pumpkin spice with a teaspoon and a half of raisons.

Canned soups also cook up fast.
Baby carrots need no cooking.

cheese yogurt still tweaking it. My yogurt machine seems to be dying but we’ve got a food dehydrator that also makes yogurt.

iportion said...
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iportion said...

Maybe you should have a WI once a month but go to the meetings,
The scale should be about accountability not torturing yourself. I used to try to go two to three hours without food before a meeting but no more. Your body can hold on to water weight out of starvation.
I have trouble banking my food more so pre-weight watchers but I still have trouble sometimes even though I do well calorie wise. I like to eat the same foods., So I try to mix it up once in a while. I am getting oranges, grapes and cantaloupe this week instead of apples.

Start Healthy food bank of food that lasts 1, Old fashioned or quick oats. 2. Bananas you can freeze them and cut them in half. 3. Canned green beans, asparagus, tomatoes, 4. Bullion. 5. Canned chick peas. “They are great in salads” a bagged salad is easy just wash add low call dressing 6. Frozen broccoli.

Get a kitchen scale and dry measuring cups

Chana said...

i'm glad that you are back to your support group. that sense of community and the encouragement from others will be of great help.
good luck. have fun while you are working so hard to accomplish your goal and remember i love you.

iportion said...

1. When in the store buy one little Debbie in the one serving kind and do not bring the rest home. That way you can have your little Debbie and eat it too. Just don’t bring the whole box if it is a trigger for you.
2. I can binge on anything so you might want to figure the emotions behind it. Write a list of stress that cause binges and what you can do about them. You need to empower yourself.
3. Peper workouts ten to 15 minutes at a time and work your way up.

diet dilemma magmem stlye said...

Thanks for the v&c. You're so smart, it's like you know all the tricks. Will try it all. Bless you.

Emi said...

Ugh... this is all kind of like a flash back for me. I don't know excactly what your group is about, but I have a history of eating dissorders, and compulsive over eating was and still is a problem for me.

I never liked my groups, they always made me feel so ashamed, always seemed like they were doing better then me, made me feel crappy.

Honestly the little debby thing... what can I say, I've done it, you've done it, others have done it, there's no use in reliving the past. It's done, let's try to focus on the future. I've thrown away whole chocolat bars after taking one bite, thrown tubs of ice cream with 2 scoops missing... It helps but I find it's more effective if you just buy one portion sizes, or if ur craving ice cream, go all out, go and get a nice cone or something from dairy queen or whatever... at least your not eating a whole tub right? (which I have btw lol)

Anyways keep strong, I know you can!