Saturday, September 09, 2006


Spouse-proof your diet. DON'T VIEW FOOD AS ENTERTAINMENT. "For many couples, food is something to do," Sass says. "I see this all the time when couples make ordering Chinese food on a Friday night their main activity." To break this pattern, try planning outings where the focus isn't on eating, such as having a poker night with pals or seeing a comedy show.

EAT LIKE YOU DID BEFORE YOU WERE MARRIED. Since couples share more meals after getting hitched, and men tend to eat more than women, women often start munching extra calories unconsciously, says Hillary Baron Irwin, a registered dietitian in New York City. Aim to eat a palm-size portion of protein, a fist-size of whole grains and a half plate of veggies.

GET A MOVE ON. Working out together is a great motivator, says Lee Ross, president of Fitness. "Exercising three to five times a week for 50 minutes is the best way to keep weight in check," Ross says. Join a health club that offers a deal when two people sigh up together. Or start biking and plan a weekend cycling trip. You'll get your heart rate up in more ways than one! SV

Don't ruin the togetherness with being competitive. Men have a tendency to lose weight faster.


Chana said...

food, entertainment, bf? yeap you know us alright...and yes, woman show it much more faster and longer than the men, how fair is


Emi said...

Good tips. My bf and I ALWAYS make food a thing to do, dates always end up being restaurant outings, and our time away from everything is trying out new restaurants... oh lordy, it's not our fault, we're 2 fatties that love to eat... well it is our fault.

It sucks, relationships are like automatic fat injections. When I first started dating my bf, I was 160lbs(had just lost 70lbs), in less then 6 months I climbed back up to 220lbs, oh boy.

BaxTax said...

you definitely have to make sure that you are compatible with similar goals to the person you decide to join a gym with. If you both have two different agendas you are going to constantly be a war with each other. Many times your significant other tends not to be your best gym mate.

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