Friday, July 15, 2005


Before I begin spouting off at the mouth, I will next list the good habits I replaced with after dropping the bad habits. These lists I have compiled took me many months of journalizing before I ate, after I ate, and after critizing myself for allowing the food to control me. I even did soul searching as to why I use food as an emotional comfort zone. I have made so many discoveries. I can hardly wait to share my inner most thoughts with like people who fight the battle of the bulge daily!

List of the good habits that will give me what I want:
1.find a program it with consistency only from the food pyramid more second helpings
5.become more active
6.incorporate support
7. leave a little on my plate extra salt saturated fats eating meals after 7:30pm empty sugar calories
12.take a vitamin with minerals three meals
15.set small goals at a time
16.pray for strength/meditate informed, read up on nutrition, vitamins, exercise, and diets for motivation
18.drink water all day long at least 8 to10 glasses
19.drink soda on occasions only, make it diet, leave more room for water
20.always have some kind of nutrition in the morning

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