Monday, July 18, 2005

my profile

1-11-05 tues 7:32 pm Welcome again obesity does hurt in more ways than one.

PROFILE: 1. Weight problem
2. Couple years of community college
3 .Last job market research
4. Like to keep a positive attitude
5. Had a 34 yr old son that was murdered

LOVES: 1. My family
2. Principles and morals
3. All kinds of music
4. Animals
5. Sports cards

1. Write a book
2. Do a web site
3. Do a blog site
4. One on one counseling "grief expression"
5. Fulfill my mission in life

1. Kinds of abuse
2. Dishonesty
3. Injustice
4. Depravity
5. Financial distress

Please be patient with me that original welcome was a just get registered ploy. Now I have to learn how to present and compile information that pertains to my journey of trying to lose weight and develop a healthier life style. Bottom line is I want to live longer and be happier.
As I learn how to develop this site in an interesting format I will then jazz it up with color and style. Patience is a virtue. Thanks to all, keep in touch if you care for a reply.

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