Wednesday, July 13, 2005

continued list from the 11th on bad habits I want to change:
9.use a lot of butter
10.use a lot of mayo a lot of cheese
12.clean other people's plates
13.never leave a drop of food on plate often at a buffet
15.cover my whole plate with food
16 stack up my food 'till it hurts
18.always the last one finished eating so much, I need prune juice very late at night
21.never say no to food offers
22 eat everybody's left overs, can't stand to see food wasted
23.always sedentary after eating
24.eating the wrong foods
25.too many carbs of the wrong kind (insulin resistant to hide what I eat while standing up
28.go to different fast foods at one time
29.embrace my trigger foods
30.skip breakfast
31.when I miss a meal I always feel free to double up on the next meal

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