Sunday, July 17, 2005

between the ears

What I think, what I feel, and what I do are all computed in my brain within the distance between my ears. I have got to reprogram my data with a good habit, one at a time. the easiest one for me to do is #5 from my list posted on the 11th, "become more active." I will make a commitment on paper to myself and anyone reading this who can relate to my struggles, my compulsions, my obsessions, and the search for the thinner inner self we all want to finally come out!

Don't think for one minute I wasn't the couch potato queen. I kept everything within my reach every day for over a year. I kept handy these main items: 1 gallon of cold water, the telephone book, the phone, my purse, 2 TV controls, a vcr control, a DVD control, movies, a portable radio, cassettes, a tall kitchen trash can for papers, reading materials, tablets of paper, plenty of writing implements, bird seeds to sort through, TV guides, and of course plenty of diet info to glance at In case I was ready to get back up on the wagon. I am like a food-a-holic. It is easier for me to control my day with fasting of water only, then it is for me to eat a small amount of food.

I will give myself six weeks of working in my new habit and six weeks of a bad habit being dropped. That bad habit is #29 from my list posted on the 13th, "go to different fast foods at one time." That seems like the easiest one for me because my transportation is limited at this time.

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