Wednesday, September 19, 2007

lowered expectations

I quit beating up myself with goals that are too restricting and unattainable in a small amount of time. That causes me to feel defeated and strips my motivation for that week. A pound or two gain may happen once in a while but that just spurs me on to try harder the following day. So now since 7/31 I have kept a blue or black weigh-in in my book. So far this year I have only lost nineteen pounds (a drop in the bucket.) I am looking forward to that day soon to come when I change my size of clothing, in a decending number, one size at a time.

I found a new tip I must try. Simply serving your food on lavender-colored dishware can keep you from overeating. Because there so few violet or blue foods in nature, we instinctively feel less hungry when surrounded by these hues, say color therapists, who use this trick to help dieters stick to their weight-loss plans.


Louisiana said...

my dearest friend,i have sent you a personal email to the acct i had of you from when we first met. i hope it's still active so that you can read it. if not let me know somehow where i can send you a letter or something..

it explains what is happening in my life. thank you so much for your love and hugs and kisses for i need them and cherish them so very much. i know you care about me and haven't forgotten me and i treasure that tought.

i hope you know that sentiments are equal from us to you. My 5 angels send you hugs and kisses and thank you for loving me and caring.

God Bless. xooxoxoxoox

Get-Fit said...

Ok. That's just wierd. Lavender or blue?

Hmmm... Maybe school cafeterias should be painted that color too? Or the tables!