Wednesday, September 05, 2007


Q. I always order dessert even though I know I shouldn't. Do you have any willpower tricks?

A. Try popping a piece of gum right after you finish your entree. It takes at least 20 minutes from when you begin eating for your body to start feeling full. Chewing gum keeps your mouth busy and your tastebuds distracted in the meantime, says Richard Baybutt, PhD, an associate professor of human nutrition at Kansas State University.

Last week I lost a few more pounds but didn't go to my weigh-in yesterday. I added some pounds over the holiday weekend. I have had two months of losses and don't want to see that red weigh-in mark messing up my book anymore! I have to work a little harder this week to continue with a loss. I thin I can, I thin I can, I know I can!

Happy Birthday 9/10 to my youngest daughter, I really love and miss you and my grandson very very much. I hope someday I can be in your lives again. God Bless you both!


iportion said...

You can pack some fruit or SF hard candy

why not order a bear salad, no cheese and order dessert rather than the meal if you really want something sweet.

Pete said...

Choose between a starter and desert before your meal. Desert means no starter.

Louisiana said...

Happy Birthday to your daughter too. i hope she and your grandson are well. and i second your wish to that you all enjoy the peace and share in the love within the family soon.

i miss you much too. i wish we could live within visiting distance. a cup of tea i would love to share with you. your friendship and care means the world to me. how i would love to sit and chat...

keep on being as positive as you are. i love what you said about happiness. it is absolutely true.

let's you and i continue to go forth and do the best that is in us.

i love you. xoxoxoxooxoxoxooxoxooo. My kids say hi.

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