Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Big deep breaths in through your nose, and out through your mouth slowly. That's how you relax and relieve the stress build up that causes the release of the hormone cortizone, causing that middle belly fat. Calories need oxygen to up-the-burn in your metabolism.

Your calories are distributed in the body for certain functions daily. Here's the break down:
75% basic needs
10% digestion
15% activity ( or lack of, stores it in empty fat cells)
100% percent of what you eat is your choice, do the right thing, and use up the 15% for spending time just moving around more than usual. Who wants to take the advice of a fat person? Me, I am trying to remind myself out loud, how quickly I forget my own suggestions.


Melody said...

I'll take that one step further. To burn even more calories, when you breathe out through your mouth, do it as though you're making an "H" sound. Learned that one in karate ;-)

iportion said...

I need to move more

Chana said...

don't put yourself down friend, you always have sound advice that help us all. we are lucky to have you do this for you and us alike.

hope you are well. i am leaving on a cruise and a 24 hr stop over in Maimi to see my grandma. too bad it's so short but the docs don't think it's a good idea for me to be away from home until everything it's settled more..
i have a nasty cold that i hope clears up in the next 24 hrs, lol..you never know eh?

my love to you today, tomorrow and always..xo

Lady Rose said...

I'm definitely a slug at heart - but I manage to get in some exercise (grudingly). I've been on a journey to get back to being healthy since May 2006 - over 80 lbs lost so far, with another 60ish to go. If you need a bit of motivation or a kind ear, just give a shout out!

Health and Happiness, Lady Rose

Corry said...

Thank you so much for your comment on my Scribbles-site. I really appreciate it! :-)

Have a very blessed weekend.

God's Grace.

Andrea said...

Great post .....and when you breathe wiggle your toes too !! :)