Thursday, May 24, 2007


Lost a few pounds last week. I've discovered if I use two days as time off and follow through with the remaining five days "on alert" to a goal of wellness, I can weigh-in and still have a loss at my support group. I tried to sneak in another day of "time off" because of extenuating circumstances but I fell back into my old ways and lost some ground. At least now I know my limitations. I'm even saying "no" a lot easier now. I do have such a long way to go.

Tonight I saw another gross dieter on "The Insider." There was a nineteen year old girl who had lost 170 pounds. She had an apron of fat old looking skin hanging from her body. They showed the transformation before and after. She needed it surgically removed, the skin its self, weighed 75 pounds after it was removed.

I know with old age "supple" is long gone but this girl was still a teenager. I feel like this diet stuff is a catch-22 situation. The looks of a plump taut skin takes on the look of a dried up old prune. Collapsed fat cells are not appealing to me! Exercise & portion control, what a concept!


iportion said...

Loose skin.
Some of it’s genetic, some of it’s how much you loose and how fast you loose.
Slower lose can have a little less loose skin.

Some loose skin will shrink a bit if you keep the weight off for over a year.

iportion said...

hooray for loss