Monday, January 15, 2007

no resolutions

I only have a little time on this computer. I hope I can get all that I have to say published before my time is up. I surely missed doing this blog daily, such is life, we can't always have what we want in life all of the time. At this time last year I was two pounds lighter than I am today but that is not too bad for me "the constant gainer." A personal set back has turned my life upside down. I am seeking God's will for me, that is all I can do about it.

I am trying something new with resolutions. I am a list person concerning everything! I will not set myself up for failure on reaching multiple goals for the new year. They never really change much. I will start on whatever comes to mind and stay with it if it takes all year. If I should accomplish that task before the year is up, I'll just glide into another feat.

I just passed up an opportunity to go to an all you can eat buffet. I must pat myself.

Oh my time is up I think I may even lose this info. I don't know where all of these pop-ups are coming from but It is annoying me!


iportion said...

You've been missed

Bret said...

I tried all that but what really got results for me was the Cinch inch loss plan. I found it on this great site... There's a video that will explain everything. Watch it I think you'll find it lightening.