Wednesday, January 24, 2007

adverse dieting

Why should unpleasantries be a goal? I don't condone it, be it visual or mental. Therefore, I will not post the article that turned my stomach to the point of taking my mind off of food at that moment.

It reminded me of a couple of videos a good while back that enticed a person to want to come face to face with the face of death. Who likes to feel disheartened, gloat in being horrified through the expense of others, and enjoy seeing what frightful pain looks like? Where's the humanity?

I am an animal lover per-se. Who enjoys seeing dead animals in any way shape or form? Contrary-therapy used for breaking the smoking habit has been used with some success. Who needs cigarettes for the good of their health anyway? But such therapy is dangerous if used on food which we need for sheer survival! GROW-UP, and do the right thing instead; eat nutritious foods in the proper amounts, move more and breath deeply. Don't try and stare at ugly sights to ruin your appetite!

What would work for me in that context is to sit or stand in front of a full-length mirror naked and try to eat. Let's not get carried away (in a casket,) the next thing you know, the advocates for anorexia will say, save your esophagus and just eat your food and spit it out. (What a waste of money.) Why not try eating in the bathroom, that sounds disgusting enough for me, to be an adverse therapy action. Don't let your hunger for love be mistaken and felt as a hunger for food, which can give a comforting affect. Look for a hug instead, that goes a long way.

You are what you think you are because all things are possible in the realm of common sense.



iportion said...

You are right torturing yourself to not eat doesn’t work extreme dieting often leads to more weight. I need to eat real food.

I wasn’t bulimic but had severe acid reflux for years and we had no idea why I was throwing up since age three. It didn’t stop me from over eating and getting heavy.
Binge purge is bulimics and contrary to belief most bulimics are over weight, obese, and morbidly so. Binge purge actually makes you fatter because you can’t expel all of the food. The more they binge and purge the more depressed they get and the bigger they get.

Libertate said...

Argh! Adverse therapy for food? That's just not right... Plus, wouldn't you have to see every food in some sort of repulsive scenario... How would you deal with... say cheesecake? It's cheesecake for crying out loud!

I also believe that it's easier to get acustomed to something horrible if it is shown often enough... Heck I look in the mirror every morning and don't puke :D:P...