Tuesday, January 30, 2007


To avoid the near coma that often follows a "Thanksgiving type" dinner, start with a glass of tomato juice spiked with hot redpepper sauce. Dutch researchers gave 24 men and women hot red pepper either dissolved in tomato juice or as capsules swallowed with tomato juice, or a placebo, 30 minutes before meals. They found that subjects ate 10 to 16% less after consuming red pepper either in or with tomato juice than after taking the placebo. Hot pepper stimulates nerves in the mouth as well as in the stomach, the scientists think, making you feel satisfied with less food. P

I hope I have a chance to do some exercise today, I've been off track this whole month. Tonight is weigh-in, I don't want to face the scale. I don't know what irks me the most, getting fatter through my mistakes this past week or having to pay a fine for the gains! I lost five pounds the last three weeks and oops, I've found them lurking on my food plates this final week of the month. So what"s new?

TIP: When working out at a fitness center, use the back of your hand if you must touch your face. Germs are less likely to be on the back of your hands.

THOUGHT: The difference between can and cannot are only three letters. Three letters that determine your life's direction.


iportion said...

I don't like the idea of fines for gains so much that I had my meeting out-law them :-)

Chana said...

we all carry crosses. they all look different but they are all hard to bear. mine is not worse than yours my dear, loving friend. yours looks heavy enough to me and i do wish i could somehow lifted it up a bit or help you carry..maybe that is how friendship workds..our caring for one another and our love and our thoughts and prayers help us all to live the life that God has ask us to. i do appreciate you so much and i'm so blessed that we met. i'm delighted that now you can blog monthly. i do look forward to your new post and i'm so grateful that you fit me in your precious time to leave me messages. i do know how much you care. i feel your arms and kisses always and i thank you. i'm doing better. on the mend as they say..don't worry so much about me. it is okay. God and His Blessed Mother do not leave me..and neither does the love that comforts me daily, like yours...

until soon my dear friend. my love to you. XO