Thursday, November 15, 2007

too little too late

I have too much to say and not enough of time, as usual. Big deal, I'm losing about fifteen pounds a year, but, at that rate, it will take almost ten years to reach my "before-babies" goal weight. I don't think I have that much time to spare. I was five feet two inches then, I'm now four feet eleven inches. For ten years I was a boarder-line diabetic, now I'm in the ranks of daily medications. The only thing that has stayed the same is my dishonesty within myself about why I am overweight. Today it is the medications, but in reality I have always known that a more active lifestyle will always make the change that is needed to continue a consistent weight loss. Of course I could go the route of decreasing calories, or cutting way down on empty calories. The choice has always been mine, the buck stops here! As a matter of fact the weight I have lost has caused some skin to change its' molecular structure, that I am not too happy with either. Now let's get to the heart of things. Don't fail me now, I promise I will lose more weight if you let me be okay in that area again (medications and procedures, I don't like.) But when you get to be my age you are happy every day that you are just beathing, and that I am. After all I don't mind going home, but I have a lot of lose ends to tie up, if it be His will. Now this is not a goodbye. It is just speaking in retrospect and being honest with myself. I am doing good but I pledge to do better.
THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: Effective weight management demands that you require more of yourself in terms of personal integrity, honesty, and maturity.


Louisiana said...

it is great to be honest honey but don't you dare even think of saying good bye. there is more to life than being the perfect weight. you and i are not and so what, we love ourselves and we love each other and we love our family and we are here breathing.

it is okay sweetie.

i love you don't ever forget that. xooxooxoxo

iportion said...

keep on posting it's not about perfection.

iportion said...

I will be honest. I lost my weight to avoid being a diabetic or being a healthier Diabetic if I did become diabetic. Talk to your doctor eating healthy can improve how you feel. Let that guide you.