Thursday, November 15, 2007

healthy foods

See this is an example but we have to be aware of the portions. When choosing processed foods (not a good idea) make sure you do read the label to see what you are putting into your body.


Louisiana said...

portions my way are different than portions 'their' way.
i have to keep active and then i loose weight. if i stop moving than the lbs come back.

that is how i do it..i have tested this way many times, lol..

i love you and miss you and are happy to see you posting..


iportion said...

I love veggies and I am getting more tonight mmmmmmmmm
Adding more veggies ads more bulk.
I find protien and veggies alone aren't as filling as they are together.

leosatter said...

I hope you can help me out. I am trying to get my health under control so starting to eat right is my first step. Do you know where I can purchase quality food online? (that is on the healthy side) I am starting to do all of my shopping online because of various reasons…so I am hoping you can help me out with a suggestion or two.
So far I have only tried Celebrity foods (which is outstanding by the way)
I am in desperate need to grow my list of quality services or stores, where I can buy my food from. Thank you and have a great day or night (depending on when you read this. LOL!