Thursday, July 12, 2007



Caffe Latte---cal. 270---fat 14---carb 22---16 fl. oz. with whole milk

Cappuccino---cal 180---fat 9---carb 15---16 fl. oz. with whole milk

Chi Tea Latte---cal. 320---fat 13---carb 36

Tazo Berry & Cream--- cal. 600---fat 23---carb 63

Tazo Berry Grande---cal. 210---fat 0---carb. 53

Iced Caffe Americano---cal. 15---fat 0---carb. 3

I stopped my low carb. diet six weeks ago even though I lost 13 pounds that month. It was too expensive buying foods I didn't have available in the house. I am sure a lot of the weight loss might have been water weight but it made a difference in the way my blouse fit over my stomach. For once I could button the bottom button without it pulling when I sat down. I thought I would try something different to keep myself from getting bored with dieting. This time I decided to count calories. I have kept a food journal for the last four years. Therefore, I assumed it would not be a problem, I like lists anyway. Talk about a rude awakening! I consumed about 3,000 to 6,000 calories a day. I am gradually cutting down each week to bring it to 1,500. I have only gained about five pounds back (13#loss.) I have not had a chance to continue with my exercise routines as before. As soon as I have THAT most important factor on my agenda, again, weight will start to drop off at a healthy pace.

My attention span will be determined by my desire.


Spidey said...

A Food Journal is a great idea. I have been trying to find economical software that can track calories. I used to have a great DOS program that only cost about $10. and then Windows came along and I had to throw it away.

iportion said...

I have to start my food journal again.

Anonymous said...


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