Friday, April 27, 2007


*Iodine, a trace mineral in a very small quantity in your body controls the speed of your metabolism by affecting the production of the thyroid hormone thyroxine.
*Eat an apple everyday, a year-round source of pectin, which is a food fiber that traps cholesterol (oat bran does the same.)
*Vitamin B1 Thiamin is essential for carbohydrate metabolism, growth and muscle tone, the nervous system, and stabolizes the appetite.
*Drinking tea with your meals decreases iron absorption.
*Almonds and pistachios are rich in protein and contain key trace minerals, zinc and boron, that stimulates brain activity.
*Vitamin C is an important agent in wound healing. Vitamine C is needed for the formation of collegen.

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: Most of us would succeed in small things if we weren't so troubled with blind ambition. H.W.L.

I heard somewhere on TV a couple of weeks ago that chocolate candy would be changing. It would go from butter to oils, something like that? I love my chocolate, which I crave often. They keep changing it to the point of feeling waxy and lacking a cocoa taste and too much sugar. Now take out the buttery taste, keep it up and maybe I just won't like it and will lose weight by not enjoying the tase at all anymore!


iportion said...

chocolate can be healthy but dark chocolate without the butter is better for you.

MMM I just got SF coco last week I should make myself a cup.

Chana said...

the mail bought me such love and joy-how much thank yous could i fit in to thank you? i love you so much and i'm so grateful for so much and you are such a part of that. friends throught time and space you and i are.

happy mother's day my friend. it is your day to be thanked for all of it. for your love and commitment and for never giving up..from heaven to earth you are loved.

Anonymous said...

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