Wednesday, August 03, 2005


I've lost 3 1/2 pounds yesterday at my weigh-in. I put it as a figure instead of a written number, it looks like more to me. Who am I kidding? It still wasn't an honest loss. I used all of the tricks up my sleeves. I fasted again for seventy-two hours, I wore slippers, etc.,etc.etc.. I was thinking about trying to do a week of low carbohydrates. I heard that the Atkins Diet Company is filing for bankruptcy. Since Dr. Atkins had died people are focused on the fat in that sort of restricted diet, and have all agreed that it is too much high cholesterol. Along with the fact that vegetables and fruits are very limited, anyone knows they have a high vitamin content and also they have a good source of fiber. Well, what's a week of experimenting going to cost me anyway? I really haven't been doing things as you should in a proper kind of life style change, yet. I only incorporated two months ago into my program an active life stlye in moderation. It is working pretty good for me at this time. I started at 293 pounds and I am presently at 256 pounds, hooray!

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