Wednesday, August 17, 2005


This food-a-holic here, fell off of the wagon after three months of daily increased activity and three days a week in the Wellness Weight Room at the Senior Citizen Center. I modified my eating habits a little bit. I lost 42 pounds, my all over pain had decreased, and I only had to use my walker for long distances.
I reluctantly went on vacation with my family for five days and eventually I lost the ground I had gained in that three month period. I lost control of my program and my desire to keep motivated. I don't feel like climbing back up on the wagon. It's been six additional days so far of sedentary living, being disappointed in myself, overeating, and hiding from the scale. I have become tolerant of my lax attitude. The fat is here to stay. What I miss most of all is the energy I had then and my zest for life. Alas, woe is me. Somebody, kick my butt, I need a jump start!

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