Sunday, May 11, 2008


Trying to shed extra pounds or boost the healthiness of your diet? Rather than worrying constantly about what you're eating, switching from low-carb to fat-free then back to low-carb (and collecting bottles of weight-loss pills, potions and powders), try to pinpoint mindless habits that you may indulge in every day. Something as simple as nibbling off your partner's plate, stuffing leftovers in your mouth as you clean the kitchen or having an extra glass of wine could be all it takes to pack on a couple of pounds every year. Consider this: Each taste-test nibble you take while cooking dinner costs you about 25 calories. To identify your own mindless eating patterns, keep a food journal for one week. Write down everything you eat, how much and when . Then review your journal--you might be surprised by the unhealthy patterns that crop up.

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