Tuesday, February 26, 2008

wellness wheel

I am satisfied with four out of six sections of the wellness wheel so far. I was preoccupied with the physical section and ignored the environmental section being the packrat that I am. I will work a bit on throwing out things I will not use in the next six months or haven't even used in the last past year. I tried that a couple of months ago and wouldn't you know the need came up for my trash. I must admit it felt like a load off of my mind every time I dumped something. A cluttered house is a cluttered mind. Maybe I will become so busy moving around to eliminate the things I find hard to let go of that I will be burning unused calories and not having enough of time to munch so often. Hey, that is combining the two unfinished things in my life that need touched on until sufficient to my likings of a satisfied life. No one is perfect but peace of mind is a jewel. I choose to be accountable for all aspects in my life and pleasing others, always, is unreachable. I follow His will and read His words and that is my guide. It's all in the attitude. Have a great day cause every day is a day to be thankful for. Even a hard day is a lesson and a growth spiritually.

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iportion said...

You have said your a pac rat -\ if the post was from you. Have you thought of a yard sell or consignment shops, or doanating to thrift stores.